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Web based
SQL Server data base
Data and Application are hosted
Extensive Prebuilt reports

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OnGuard contains the following modules and functionality:

-Daily Log
-Incident Reports (with unlimited pictures)
-Supplemental Reports (with unlimited pictures)
-Name Contacts (with unlimited pictures)
-Lost and Found Property (with unlimited pictures)
-Vehicle Module
-Clery/UCR Module
-Ability to Store Site Maps
-Storage and retrieval of Emergency Procedures and Corporate Response Policy
-Employee Turnover Report
-Email notification sent to managers based on their selection of specific incidents
-Ad hoc reporting module
-Individual and portfolio wide summary and detail reports

OnGuard is designed from the ground up as a web based application. Using a Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Azure, OnGuard is robust enough to grow as your agency grows. OnGuard can be used as a a SaaS model or you can host it on your own network. There is no software to install on the client workstations, all upgrading of the software is done on the server.