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Daily Log

Daily Log Description and Functionality

The Daily Log is designed to capture routine data, either in real time, or after the fact. The majority of these entries will not be significant enough to create a full Incident Report, however they provide invaluable information on the day to day routine activities of the officers. Many of the fields are drop down lists that you have created based on your own environment. These allow you to quickly retrieve reports that detail number of events by Location, Officer, Region, Activity, and Incident. In addition, the reports will summarize the amount of time spent providing these services, Response times, and number of calls per hour for any period.

If the event to be entered will cause an Incident report to be generated, the user has the option of creating the report from this screen. During data entry, if the user selects the Create Report checkbox (shown only when entering data), then an Incident Report is created and the data from the Daily Log screen is copied into the Incident Report. The officer can then complete the report when all the information is available, without having to do double entry.

Note that the screen is shown full size to enable you to get a feel for the clean and simple approach to data entry.