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Extensive Prebuilt reports

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Incident Reports

There are 3 different types of reports included in the base version of OnGuard:
-Risk Management

Informational Report

This is the basic OnGuard report. It has standard fields for recording the who, what, when, where, why, and how of an Incident. Much of the report
would be filled in from data in the Daily Log, however, the officer has the ability to change this in the event new information comes to light.

Maintenance Report

This report contains all the field of the Informational report plus other fields and drop down list specific to a Maintenance type of incident. In
addition, it has a user definable Notification section that will route an email copy of this report to the names or entities checked.

Risk Management Report

Additional fields and drop down lists have been added to this report to provide specific details for reports that are in the risk management
category. Combining this report, with pictures of the scene create a powerful record to enable you to minimize your risk.