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Name Index

This global name file links all contacts to an Incident Report. In addition, persons can be Banned from a property, and a list of those provided
to each property indicating how long the ban is, and what if any restrictions there are. A picture of the person can also be included. A history
of the contacts with the person are kept so locating the person's record will also show the contact history.

Searching the Master Name Index

As shown below, the search window provides great flexibility in looking for a particular person. I the example below, we wanted to find everyone whose last name started
with 'A'. Using standard wildcards characters we typed in 'A*'. The list shown below the search criteria is the result. It detail the following:

-Note there are 2 pages of results as shown by the navigation arrows.
-The list can be sorted different ways by clicking on a column header name
-The line with the text in Red denotes that there is Officer Safety information on the subject
-Clicking once anywhere on the line in the list takes you to a view screen as shown above with all the persons information. Clicking the Back button on the browser
takes you back to the search results list.
-Clicking the Print icon will print the current record for the line you have clicked on.
-Clicking the Print Preview button will print the entire list to the screen or printer.
-If there are Pictures in file for the person the link will say 'View Pictures'. It is a hyperlink that when clicked will open the picture or pictures of the person in a pop up window.
-By clicking on the 'New' icon in the upper left corner of the list you can insert a new name record.

Quick Reference Name Search

This is just a shortcut method for listing a group of names. There are only 2 criteria, First Name or Last Name, and the beginning letter of that name. The list shown
below is the result of a query for all people with a Last Name Starting with 'A'. You then have all the functionality of the search results list as described above.